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There are such opportunities for people to interact with police through the digital sphere that we have not achieved yet. Provided by Independent Print Limited cress2.jpg The Commissioner has explained her reasons for taking a 40,000 pay cut (Jeremy Selwyn) She added: We are having more online reporting and we have people filling forms remotely. I think it opens up a whole new way of interacting with us. The Commissioner also pledged to bear down on violent crime and tackle knife and gun violence among young people which she described as the scourge of London. In a frank interview: She revealed why she took a 40,000 pay cut when she took the job of Met Commissioner Said she was turned down when she first applied to join the police Told how she rejected the use of her predecessors 65,000 company Range Rover Ms Dick, 56, spoke last week three days after attending the funeral on Monday of murdered police constable Keith Palmer, 48, who was stabbed to death defending Parliament in the Westminster terror attack. Sitting in the open plan canteen of New Scotland Yard she paid tribute to the officer saying: Monday was a very, very sad day but a day also to make me, the Met and policing very proud of what Keith did and what he stood for. He was a fantastic officer, really talented, really nice guy, liked working with the public and liked locking up criminals. job interviewProvided by Independent Print Limited mackey.jpg Metropolitan Police commissioner Cressida Dick (right) and Deputy commissioner Craig Mackey at PC Keith Palmer’s funeral (PA) She said she was proud of the Mets response to the attack which also left four members of the public dead after fanatic Khalid Masood drove a car through crowds on Westminster bridge. She described the positive reaction of the public as heart warming and encouraging saying the Met needed to build on the reaction and encourage more people to engage with policing. She said : I am just saying to all of our officers lets build on this, something good must come out of all that horror and one of the things is we must build on that goodwill. Ms Dick added: We are very committed to visibility, we need to be engaging with people in all sorts of different ways. “Obviously face to face remains extremely important but we are using more and more digital ways of engaging with people because more and more of the public want to talk to us that way. New Met chief to start work with 40k pay cut and no police pension Ms Dick, who left the Met in 2014 for a security role at the Foreign Office, said that following the Westminster atrocity a lot of work was taking place on how to protect people in crowded places such as shopping malls and at iconic sites. However, she did not want to turn London into a complete fortress with armed officers on every street corner, saying: I want to open us up more so the public can see us and understand us better. Speaking in the week in which three young men were stabbed to death in London, she said knife crime was one of her most significant challenges, but pointed out London was far safer today than 10 years ago.

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tips for job interview

tips for job interview

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